This was our second well and it was operational December 7th 2018. This was a very special project as Swedish celebrity/artist Carolina Gynning had designed her own [eau]bottle. As it was premium priced we only needed to sell 1.500 bottles to finance the well. Before installation, the villagers had to walk to a dirty pond full of crocodiles to get their water and the midwife at the health center had abandoned the village as she could not work under those conditions. We were greeted with festive celebrations and it was amazing seeing water rush up from the well. The proud villagers donated a goat to us which would be difficult in the luggage home to Sweden so we donated it at the orphanage in the village of Jirapa where we also handed over toys, clothing and materials we had carried from home.  
Well nr. 2
Country : Ghana
Village : Kogri
Well operational since: 2018 / 12 / 07  
Population : 2750 persons  
Impact: 1 [eau]bottle = 25 years water
 for one person.


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