$ 45.61

Together with our Pride ambassador Clara Henry, we travel to Ghana and drill more wells – this time with a Pride theme. In Ghana, homosexuality is illegal and LGBTQ + people suffer from great discrimination. That’s why we asked: what do you need most? The answer was “a web radio and help with the website, because no local web agency wants to handle it”. Now we are raising money for it. SEK 40 of each Pride bottle goes in full to help the organization CEPEHRG in Ghana. For everyone’s right to be and love the one they want!

Each bottle provides 7 years of water needs to a person in the village of Kpadiga in Ghana.

Keeps the water cold for 24 hours, and the coffee hot for 12 hours. Our Therm [EAU] + ™ insulation is over 49% more efficient than other bottles on the market.