1. Make a plan!
    Who do you know that will most probably want to buy from you:
    Grandparents, aunt, neighbours, parents friends? Perhaps mum and dad can ask colleagues at work? If you do not ask nothing will get sold. Do not procrastinate – sell today!
  2. Start moving! 
    Bring the Salesfolder, a pen, the orderform and a pinch of good spirit. Check with your parents first that is OK for you to bike/walk around in your neighbouring area to offer your [eau]bottles.
  3. A polite approach sells!
    Show your [eau]bottle when the potential customer opens the door. If you do not have a bottle just show the Salesfolder.
    Start with a nice opening phrase like ”Hi my name is Balder and I am part of the local baseball team. We are saving up to go on a field trip and are selling nice stainless steel bottles that are also financing new waterwells in Africa. Let me show you”
  4. Dont give up!
    If you get a No, do not give up. Just move on. Try a refined approach and look super happy. A Smiling face sells!
  5. Wow, the first order!
    Ask the customer to fill out the details on the Orderform. They pay first upon delivery of the [eau]bottle. Say a big thank you and ask whether they know someone that might be interested in buying a bottle and supporting your cause.
  6. Done selling !

    When you are done selling you summarize the total bottles sold per colour and fill in the bottom part of your orderform. This part you hand over to your leader who organize the event. Hold on to your orderform details – you will need it when you deliver the bottles.

  7. Wait for your bottles to arrive!
    Your leader summarizes all bottles sold and sends in an order to [eau]bottle. You will be notified once ready to be picked up.
  8. Deliver and collect!
    Bring the right bottle to each customer and collect your money. Bring change just in case.
  9. Split the profit!
    Once you have collected all your money bring them to your leader who pays [eau]bottle $29.90 and keep $10 per bottle for you and your team/class.
  10. WOHOO!

    Enjoy your fieldtrip or whatever you have saved up for. Remember that for each bottle you have sold 1 person in Africa has been given 7 years of clean water – well done!