Great that you decided to sell [eau]bottle!

Here you can order your Saleskits. Fill out the form and the total number of salespersons that will participate to earn money.

This is included in each saleskit:

1x Salesfolder
1x ordersheet
1x [eau]bottle – un-specified colour
[eau]bottle will send – free of charge – Saleskits to match the number of salespersons. Thereafter it is just to bring the [eau]bottle + Salesfolder + Ordersheet and the business is on.
The salesperiodis preferably set to 2-3 weeks after which time the sellers hand in their summarized Orderforms to the contact person. The conctact person orders the total number of [eau]bottles per colour to usat [eau]bottle. Your order will be dispatched directly to the contact person for final distribuition already the following day.