Earn money to the class, team or association with [ EAU ] BOTTLE

Earn $10 for each bottle

when you sell [eau]bottle for $39.90 and provide 7 years of clean water to a person in Africa.

Order Free Saleskit

Assign an adult contact person who orders the saleskits with all the material you will need to get started

Collect Orders…
From neighbours, relatives, and at workplaces. More advice on sales in the salesmaterial
Order Free Sales Kits
Deliver Collect Keep your profit
After the salesperiod you pass the order to us and we deliver directly to the contact person. You deliver to the customers, collect payments, pay to us and keep your earnings


The perfect gift

Much appreciated as it is both a very useful gift but also helps more than one. Will be coming back for...

Naja de la Cour

I Love It

The perfect bottle! It's nice to look at, it's perfect to hold, and it's great for the environment and your...

Gudrun Cockin

Great Product

I've known the eau bottle for some time now, because my husband uses one himself and really enjoys it. It...

Angelika T

The perfect gift

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Earn $10 per bottle

HOW much do you earn
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$1 900

# of classmates: 19

Bottles sold / classmate: 10


$3 250

# of players: 25

Bottles sold / player: 13


$7 000

# of menbers: 35

Bottels sold / member: 20