This well was our first and was operational July 9th 2017. We visited Bulingin again in December 2018 and were greeted by many of the 2.730 villagers who told stories about how life had changed now that they have easy access to water. We also handed over an [eau]bottle to the village chief and there was great amusement about the pictures of the various villagers on the packaging. The villagers proudly gave us two guinea fowls, a rooster and several kilograms of yams all of which would be difficult in the luggage home to Sweden so we donated them at the orphanage in the village of Jirapa where we also handed over toys, clothing and materials we had carried from home.
Well nr. 1
Country : Ghana
Village : Bulingin
Well operational since: 2017 / 07 / 09 
Population : 2730 persons  
Impact: 1 [eau]bottle = 7 years water
 for one person.