Well #5 Asse

Well #5 Asse

10°04’40.6″N 2°37’58.6″W

[eau]bottle WELL #5 Short facts
Well location 10°04’40.6″N 2°37’58.6″W
Country Ghana
Village Asse
Villagers served by well 1245
Operational since 20 Feb 2020

This was our fifth well and it was operational February 2nd 2020. The well was drilled just next to the village nursery home (CPHS). The bottle is part of a well serving 1245 villagers in Asse with fresh safe drinking water, The clean water from the [eau]bottle well is a welcomed relief from the normal day threats from the remote pond as river blindness and venomous cobra bites.

Always a patient dusty work of to find proper water for the villagers.  Our team are working with a relentless spirit to assist the villagers with their basic human rights - safe drinking water.

Clean water will improve our health and encourage school enrollment and academic performance of our children neighbouring

Gbarema Ibrahim - villager